The Satanic Overlords of Rock ‘n’ Roll LP – PRE-ORDER

The Satanic Overlords of Rock 'n' Roll LP (SM-040 / Sugarfix-009) Co-released with Gods Candy Records (Canada) Hailing from Houston, TX, The Satanic Overlords of Rock 'n' Roll debut full-length gives nods to The Hookers, Black Sabbath, and Ass Cobra-period Turbonegro while still creating something much more unique and evil. Featuring current and former members [...]

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The Turbo A.C.’s / V8 Wankers split 7″ EP – PRE-ORDER

The Turbo A.C.'s / V8 Wankers split 7" EP (SM-045) New York City's The Turbo A.C.'s and Offenbach, Germany's V8 Wankers come together for a 4-song split 7" EP of high octane punk 'n' roll. Each band brings a stand-out track from their latest album plus an exclusive track just for this release. Featuring a [...]

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Minus Hope “…like adults!” 7″ EP available now!

Former T.E.G.L. drummer, Christoph Winter, provides the vocals in Minus Hope from Dresden, Germany. Minus Hope plays hardcore. "...like adults!" is their 2nd release, and their 1st vinyl release. Released on German label Steeltown Records. 250 pressed worldwide...we only got a handful of them! Only $8 plus postage! email: info@savagemagicrecords.com to order now! Tracklist: Side [...]

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A Fistful MORE of Rock & Roll – Volume 1 – PRE-ORDER ***DEADLINE MARCH 25th***

A Fistful MORE of Rock & Roll Volume 1 continues in the same tradition that the original 13 volumes of A Fistful of Rock 'n' Roll did from 2000 to 2007.  It's the Return of the Return of Rock 'n' Roll, 'cause EVERYTHING else is so shitty, got to get the power and get the kids back [...]

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Ginge Knievil’s Top Of The Pops 2018 2CD set available for pre-order now!

We will have limited copies of Ginge Knievil’s Top Of The Pops 2018 2CD set soon! From Ginge himself... Hey, pop pickers! Over the last 12 months it has been a privilege to write for Mass Movement Magazine. Based on my reviews and interviews, let me present Ginge Knievil’s Top of the Pops 2018. Here, [...]

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Poison Heart “Heart Of Black City” LP available now!

We got a few copies of Poison Heart's brand new LP "Heart Of Black City" from new Polish label Heavy Medication Records. This is Poison Heart's 4th full length, and Heavy Medication's 1st release! 10 tracks of solid punk rock 'n' roll! 244 copies pressed on black 180 gram vinyl...we only got a handful of [...]

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Motherfuckin’ Motherfuckers “M.F.F.F.M.F.” LP available for pre-order!

7 Hours after a drunken boast, 4 members of two of your favorite fuckin’ bands (or at least they should be) stumble into Lipstick Studios, Switzerland. Fueled by last night’s hangovers, more lager, nicotine, and cheese they toss out six glorious sonic slices of prime time, pedal to the motherfuckin’ metal overdriven, OD1 Scandi garage [...]

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King Mastino “Medusa” LP available now!

La Spezia, Italy's King Mastino have returned to port to give us their 5th full-length, Medusa! 400 copies pressed on black 180 gram vinyl. 105 copies pressed on clear 180 gram vinyl. Only $20 plus postage! email: info@savagemagicrecords.com to order! Tracklist: 01. Medusa 02. Over A Mile Away 03. The Last Stand 04. It's So [...]

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The Chuck Norris Experiment “Hotter Stuff” LP available for pre-order!

The Chuck Norris Experiment are proud to present the follow up to HOT STUFF. 13 rare and unreleased tracks with songs taken from tribute albums, B-sides, collections etc. 150 copies pressed on black vinyl. All records are hand numbered and signed by the band. Pre-order starts January 01, 2018. Only $20 plus postage! email: info@savagemagicrecords.com [...]

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New Year Sale

  New Year Sale December 22nd 2017 through January 5th 2018 As 2017 comes to end, we need to make room for some killer releases coming your way in 2018! All vinyl, CD's, and t-shirts listed on our merchandise page are on sale! Buy any 3 items by January 5th 2018, get a 4th item [...]

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