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Sorv and Sciub wrote most of this album in the absence of a bassist. Tony had left (he eventually returned), and BK (who would ultimately play on this album) had not yet arrived. This album took a few years to complete. Everything changed in the band’s lives in a fairly short period of time, and just about every aspect was negative. They lost their home and studio, they lost loved ones, and they were in turmoil. This album really is a wide landscape representing the roughly 5 years that it took to create it. The tracking process was fittingly just as disjointed as life had been, but the studio experience over all was a step up for them. They grew a great deal vocally, mainly by digging to another level of harmonic and background vocal depth. This album was truly built on strength and determination, and the power of these things is on full display.


  • Cold Day in Purgatory
  • Old #7
  • Cash Cow
  • Looking Down
  • Alone and Alive
  • Let’s Destroy Them
  • Last Seen
  • End of The World
  • Adaption Not Recovery
  • Happy Mother’s Day
  • Up At Zero

Released: June 3, 2014