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(SM-022 / AM-007 / KOTJ-013 OLM / GHR-105)

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(Co-released with AM Records, KOTJ Records, & Ghost Highway Recordings)

Perfecting that retro garage sound, The Delicious Fullness clearly display a love and appreciation for the sub three minute pop song and Jake Starr (ex-Adam West) has spent the last few years assembling this band to deliver a near perfect garage rock record from the opener ‘Theme From The Delicious Fullness’ right through this 10-song record. Twin guitars, bass, drums, tambourine, maracas, and Jake’s ubiquitous throat make this gem a MUST-HAVE for mods, rockers, and everyone in-between!


A Side

  • Theme From Delicious Fullness
  • Yummy
  • Vanilla Revisited
  • A Place Called ‘I Luv You’
  • Ognir’s Nut Gone Frosted Flaykes

B Side

  • By The Grace Of Mod
  • Learnin’ To Howl
  • Dying On The Vine
  • 11cc
  • Hong Kong Phooey

100 on violet wax, 100 on white wax, 100 on red wax, 100 on hot pink wax, 100 on clear wax.

Released: October 31, 2014