Stacy Crowne undoubtedly draw influence from some Scandinavian high energy rock bands from the late 90s, but the origins of the band are in the Cologne suburbs far away from Sweden and Norway. Even as teenagers, school friends Dustin Coutts and Dominik Sladek terrorized their neighborhood with covers of The Ramones, The Hellacopters, and Turbonegro before they wrote their own songs and played their first shows. Following some line-up changes early on, the arrival of the current rhythm section (Peter Koslowski on drums and Andreas Billstein on bass) in 2011 marked the official beginning of Stacy Crowne. With their self-released debut EP in 2014, the four of them drew attention to themselves for the first time. The results were not only two tours and numerous shows as supporting acts for The New Christs, The Casanovas, and Electric Eel Shock, but also the first contact with Californian label Savage Magic Records, on which the first official release of the band was released in 2016 in the form of a split 7″ with The Empire Strikes. With the firm decision to record their first full-length album in 2018, Stacy Crowne set out in search of a suitable producer and after a chain of coincidences they suddenly found themselves in the middle of Malasaña, the heart of Madrid. After a long wait, and with the support of Sweden’s Ola Ersfjord, ten songs were created and will finally see the light of day in October 2019.