Tommi Tuoriniemi  – vocals, guitar

Topi Tarkki               – lead guitar

Jaakko Vilpponen   – drums

Paavo Kuukasjärvi  – bass

The Empire Strikes combines the past, present and future of rock ‘n’ roll into one brilliant band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. The band formed in 2012 with all ambitions pertinent to rock ‘n’ roll. They released a couple of EP’s in 2012 and 2014, and the debut album “1983” was released in March 2015 by Area Pirata Records. The album got great reviews and the band played shows in Central Europe, Spain, Italy, The Baltics and Finland. During 2016 the band recorded a lot of new music to be released soon. First up, a split 7” with Stacy Crowne, the release of which The Empire Strikes is excited to celebrate on a Tour of Sweden. They’re still looking forward to a future of mischief, plunder, and a second album in 2017!