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(SM-033 / Lux Noise 19273 / GHR-166)

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(Co-released with Lux Noise Records and Ghost Highway Recordings)

Don’t panic! Despite the all-caps title, Bitch Queens has definitely not mutated into a bunch of hippie sluts. With “Anti-Social“ this record kicks off like a whip and an outstretched middle finger. The “Go Fuck The World“ in the chorus is just the beginning of a series of filthy commands. Political Correctness is not their way of life, as is made abundantly clear in their disguised Band-Hymn “R-Rated“.

But foul language and loud guitars go hand in hand and are just so frickin’ liberating. Men, women, women-men: they’re all bitches at heart. And the self-proclaimed Queens of them all have produced eleven hard-assed and sweetly exhilarating songs that call for celebration – one love, in Bitch Queens fashion.

Actually, their mission isn’t too far from Moses’ message: “Be fruitful and multiply“. But compared to these dusty old words of bullshit, the titillating sermons of our slutty Bitch Queens apostels are considerably more fun. And compared to their previous album “Kill Your Friends“ they have chosen a considerably more charming tone of communication. With every “Fuck“ there’s a co-vibrating “Please“.

“L.O.V.E.“ also stands for the deep DIY-credo of the band. Their third long-player is a packed ball of love and passion for what they do. Pretty much every step of the way – the writing, the recording, the mixing, the artwork and the videos: It’s all in-house and handmade. Heck, the touring all over Europe and all the way to Japan – and even their label Lux Noise – all of it is self-booked and self-governed.

To break up this massive incest orgy, the four punk-rockers from Basel feature the great Peter Pan Speedrock guitarist Peter van Elderen on “Collateral Damage“ and the two asskickin’ ladies from “Delilahs“ with some sweet background vocals on “Naked Or Denim“, “Deadbeat Generation“ and “B-Stock Babies“.

You can’t bring more Bitch Queens to your home than with “L.O.V.E.“. But the sweat and obligatory glitter branding will continue to be exclusively available at one of their energetic live shows.


A Side

  • Anti-Social
  • Deadbeat Generation
  • Naked Or Denim
  • Polymeric Lover
  • R-Rated

B Side

  • B-Stock Babies
  • Devine Receiver
  • Boy Toys Of Glory
  • Collateral Damage
  • Girls Girls Boys Boys
  • Techno Is Dead

100 on solid blue wax – Savage Magic

100 on transparent pink wax – Lux Noise

100 on solid violet wax – Ghost Highway

450 on black wax – Lux Noise

Released: May 5, 2017