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(SM-006 / NBR-059)

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(Co-released with No Balls Records)

The Chuck Norris Experiment have spent a lot of time on European roads headlining tours and playing festivals the last few years, and have shared stages with a bunch great bands like Peter Pan Speedrock, The Exploited, V8 Wankers, Electric Eel Shock, Adam West, Hard-Ons, Dozer, Meteors & Bombshell Rocks.

The dates and venues for 2013 are being set right now so if you are one lucky cat they just might rock out somewhere near your hometown. The new red-hot uniforms are ready for show and the stripe of black won’t fade away! The Chuck Norris Experiment has left a trail of CD’s, LP’s, singles, comps & tributes behind them during the years and they shared vinyl or CD space with bands like Electric Frankenstein, Mad Sin, Bones, V8 Wankers, Twisted Sister & Danko Jones. Most of those releases are long gone, but the band promises to keep on releasing punk rock 7 inch singles like there is no tomorrow.


  • Taking Out Berlin
  • Path Of Destruction
  • Grab It Good
  • Rats! (CD only)
  • Dead Central
  • All We Had In Common Was Our Name
  • Back In Your Cage
  • Psycho Man (Featuring Texas Terri) (CD only)
  • You Got it Coming
  • Less Than A Man
  • Cold Blood
  • Bastards (CD only)
  • Move Like A Machine (CD only)
  • The Roof Is About To Cave In
  • Saturday Night
  • Bullshit City
  • Meteor Mama (CD only)
  • Caped Crusader (CD only)
  • Ugly Motherfucker (Looking Just Like You) (CD only)
  • Senorita (Lookout)
  • Dinosaur Fire
  • Little Demon (CD only)
  • RadioShadow (CD only)

Released: October 2, 2012