7 Hours after a drunken boast, 4 members of two of your favorite fuckin’ bands (or at least they should be) stumble into Lipstick Studios, Switzerland. Fueled by last night’s hangovers, more lager, nicotine, and cheese they toss out six glorious sonic slices of prime time, pedal to the motherfuckin’ metal overdriven, OD1 Scandi garage noise – smashing strings and skins, and yellin’ as if their bullshit lives depended upon it (which, readers, you should know full well that they DO). They also casually toss off a version of Bored!’s ‘Motherfuckin Motherfucker’ (naturally! talent borrows…genius steals). Bar this cover version, all songs were written and recorded in this one day session. M.F.F.F.M.F..

100 copies, pressed on pink vinyl, 100 copies pressed on black vinyl.

Only $17 plus postage!

email: info@savagemagicrecords.com to pre-order!

01. Lower The Bar
02. Subterranean Sickfuck Blues
03. You’re So Bad
04. Tough Shit
05. Annihilate You
06. Motherfuckin’ Motherfucker

Release Date: March 30, 2018